Yvonne Bunce, ‘The Veiled Face, Number 2?'

  • Yvonne Bunce, ‘The Veiled Face, Number 2?'
  • Yvonne Bunce, ‘The Veiled Face, Number 2?'

Signed and dated. Limited Edition (10) abstract digital giclee print on Natural Soft Textured paper. 29.7cm x 42cm. Actual image size 19.4cm x 26cm.

Yvonne Bunce interweaves pattern, colour and texture in her playful acrylic paintings and digitally altered images.

She takes her inspiration from everyday objects, including fruit and vegetable peelings, flowers, leaves and firelighters: “I work with anything that has an irregular facet that will catch the light in different ways”.

Yvonne Bunce will begin by making drawings, paintings and photographs, before digitally altering these images “to offer change and a new perspective”. Often, the resulting image may not be immediately recognisable from its original form.

This transformation process reflects diversity and potential within humanity. The titles are suffixed with a question mark to imply more than one visual or emotive interpretation:

“I do not wish to encumber the viewer with definitive projections from my own mental library but prefer them to decide what they find captivating about the image. It can be difficult to ‘unsee’ a form already suggested”.

The artist is also intrigued by the potential difference in viewer responses provoked purely by an altered colour palette.

Yvonne Bunce works from a studio within The Old Print Works in Balsall Heath, Birmingham. Alongside creating wall artworks, she develops original designs for fabric and clothing.